“God said to man is Gita
Man told to God is Thiruvasagam
the man said to other is Thirukkural”

Thiruvalluvar wrote Thirukkural. Thirukkural is worldwide famous Tamil Literature. It contains 1330 thirukurals with 133 stanzas, each stanza contains 10 kurals. Thirukkural has been translated in to many languages like Latin, English, Chinese, French, German, Swedish, etc. Thirukkural is divided in to three sections.

  1. Aram (righteousness)
  2. Porul (wealth)
  3. Inbam (Joy).

Aram contains 380 verses, Porul contains 700 verses and Inbam contains 250 verses. Whereas Aram and Inbam discusses about moral living in secluded life and Porul discuss about public affairs.


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