Kural 401

குறள் 401
அரங்கின்றி வட்டாடி யற்றே நிரம்பிய
நூலின்றிக் கோட்டி கொளல்.

Stanza 401
To address an assembly ill-equipped
Is to plat at dice without a board.

To speak in an assembly (of the learned) without fullness of knowledge, is like playing at chess (on a board) withot squares.

Arangindri Vattaati Yatre Nirampiya
Noolindrik Kotti Kolal


Kural 402

குறள் 402
கல்லாதான் சொற்கா முறுதல் முலையிரண்டும்
இல்லாதாள் பெண்காமுற் றற்று.

Stanza 402
As well might a child flat-chested pass for a woman
As one unlearned for an orator.

The desire of unlearned to speak (in an assembly) is like a woman without breasts deiring (the enjoyment of) Womanhood.

Kallaadhaan Sorkaa Murudhal Mulaiyirantum
Illaadhaal Penkaamur Ratru.


Kural 403

குறள் 403
கல்லா தவரும் நனிநல்லர் கற்றார்முன்
சொல்லா திருக்கப் பெறின்.

Stanza 403
Let him but hold his tongue before the wise,
And even a fool is fine.

The unlearned also are excellent men, if they know how to keep silence before the learned.

Kallaa Thavarum Naninallar Katraarmun
Sollaa Thirukkap Perin


Kural 404

குறள் 404
கல்லாதான் ஒட்பம் கழியநன் றாயினும்
கொள்ளார் அறிவுடை யார்.

Stanza 404
The learned will not acknowledge
An ignoramus’ occasional knowledge.

Although the natural knowledge of an unlearned man may be very good, the wise will not attend to it.

Kallaadhaan Otpam Kazhiyanan Raayinum
Kollaar Arivutai Yaar


Kural 405

குறள் 405
கல்லா ஒருவன் தகைமை தலைப்பெய்து
சொல்லாடச் சோர்வு படும்.

Stanza 405
A fool’s assurance collapses
When enganged in a discussion.

The self-conceit of unlearned an will fade away as soon as he s[eaks in an assembly (of the learned).

Kallaa Oruvan Thakaimai Thalaippeydhu
Sollaatach Chorvu Patum.

Kural 406

குறள் 406
உளரென்னும் மாத்திரையர் அல்லால் பயவாக்
களரனையர் கல்லா தவர்.

Stanza 406
The ignorant are like saline soil:
They are there, but useless.

The unlearned are like barren land; all that can be said of them is that they exist.

Ularennum Maaththiraiyar Allaal Payavaak
Kalaranaiyar Kallaa Thavar

Kural 407

குறள் 407

Stanza 407
A handsome man with an untrained mind
Has the beauty of a mud-doll.

The beauty and goodness of one who is destitute of knowledge by the study of great and exquisite works, is like (the beauty and goodness of) painted earthen doll.

Nunmaan Nuzhaipulam Illaan Ezhilnalam
Manmaan Punaipaavai Yatru


Kural 408

குறள் 408

Stanza 408
The wealth of ignorant does more harm
Than the want of the learned.

Wealth gained by unlearned, will give more sorrow than the poverty which may come of on the learned.

Nallaarkan Patta Varumaiyin Innaadhe
Kallaarkan Patta Thiru


Kural 409

குறள் 409
மேற்பிறந்தா ராயினும் கல்லாதார் கீழ்ப்பிறந்தும்
கற்றார் அனைத்திலர் பாடு.

Stanza 409
The ignorant however high-born is lower
Than the low born learned.

The unlearned, though born in a high caste, are not equal in dignity to the learned, though they may have been born in a low caste.

Merpirandhaa Raayinum Kallaadhaar Keezhppirandhum
Katraar Anaiththilar Paatu

Kural 410

குறள் 410
விலங்கொடு மக்கள் அனையர் இலங்குநூல்
கற்றாரோடு ஏனை யவர்.

Stanza 410
The ignorant are to the learned
As beasts to men.

As beasts of the side of men, so are other men by the side of those who are learned in celebrated works.

Vilangotu Makkal Anaiyar Ilangunool
Katraarotu Enai Yavar